The Ultimate Pleasure In November 2020

The Ultimate Pleasure In November 2020


A big welcome to you here at The Ultimate Pleasure in November 2020. Whether you’re a new or returning visitor to our site, we can never express enough gratitude and appreciation to you, for taking the time out to come visit us. For that, we send out a big thank you to you. The support you give to our business is paramount to our survival and our growth, hence why our customers will always remain our biggest priority.

It’s promising to see that Victoria is now slowly pulling out of their second wave of COVID-19, and many of the state borders across the country are opening up once again. We sincerely hope you and your family have kept safe and healthy during these difficult times, and like everyone, we certainly can’t wait to have some normality return. It’s a timely reminder though to remain vigilant in preventing a reoccurrence of the virus outbreak, by continually washing your hands, and maintaining the social distancing rule. It’s no secret that the virus also impacted our business, as several product lines have been exhausted, due to the lack of shipments of products from overseas. Whilst there are still several lines out of stock, there are promising signs that regular shipments will resume over the next 6 to 12 months. We certainly apologize for the inconvenience in not having our full product catalogue available to our valued customers, over the past 8 months, however most product lines should slowly now start to replenish.

Don’t see a product in our catalogue that you would like to purchase? Then don’t hesitate to email us with the product details, and we will investigate whether we can add it to our catalogue for you. Also, we completely acknowledge the intense competition within the adult toy retail industry here in Australia, and how there are a plethora of different retailers to purchase your favorite adult toys from. It is why we introduced Our Customer Guarantees. We aim to become your online adult toy store of choice, and it’s why we are determined to ensure our customers receive the best pricing and service possible. Our Price Guarantee has been introduced to ensure our customers receive value for money, therefore, if you identify any products that we have in stock on our website, to which another Australian adult shop website has advertised at a cheaper price, we guarantee to not just match it, but also beat it by 5%. You can find out more about Our Price Guarantee, and how to qualify, by visiting Our Customer Guarantees page here.

If it’s discounted prices you are seeking, don’t forget to become a member of our family here at The Ultimate Pleasure in November 2020, by subscribing to our site. In doing so, you automatically become a member, and there’s no costs whatsoever involved to do so. In doing so, you automatically qualify for discounts on several product lines, which aren’t discounted to the general public. You also receive our monthly newsletter to enlighten you of our current monthly sale, and an update on everything that is The Ultimate Pleasure. It’s our way of thanking and rewarding our valued customers for their support and loyalty. Whether you’re a member or not though, keep an eye out for next month’s mega sale, just in time for Christmas.

Finally, once again, just a timely reminder of how important it is that we continue to receive your support and patronage throughout this time, simply by making a purchase from our store. Every order submitted is so crucial to our survival. We don’t want to be a small business that becomes a casualty of this pandemic, so we ask that you kindly show your support by purchasing through our store, and tell a friend about us, whilst you’re at it. Every dollar you spend in our store, not only helps our survival, but also supports us as a family. Don’t forget to also like us, and share our various posts, on such social media channels as FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. From myself and my family, we thank you once again, we hope you continue to stay safe and well, and we look forward to serving you throughout here at The Ultimate Pleasure in November 2020.

X AWARDS 2020:

We are proud to have been selected as a finalist in the 2020 X Awards. The event was originally scheduled to be held in Melbourne this month, however it comes as no surprise, that due to the pandemic, it has been rescheduled. The event will now take place in February 2021, still with Melbourne as the hosting city. This isn’t all bad news though, as voting remains open for those extra couple of months, allowing you more time to throw your support behind us. The X Awards were founded in 2019 by Jett Black (CEO of Sweet Release Agency), who wanted to celebrate and recognize the contribution and success of the various adult businesses and adult entertainers, across Australia. The categories we have been nominated for an award include the best “New Adult Business (retail, event, or service)”, and the best “Online Adult Retail Store”. The simple truth is, we can’t win either award without your support. We would love you to acknowledge our contribution to Australian small business, within the adult entertainment industry, and the high quality customer service we provide you, by taking one minute of your time to vote for us. To vote, simply click here, then scroll down to the voting form. Fill in your details, then scroll down to the category “New Adult Business (Retail, Event, Service)”, click the drop box, and select “The Ultimate Pleasure”. Repeat this again for the category “Online Adult Retail Store”, directly underneath. Click the verification box, then submit, it’s that easy. Every vote is vital, and voting polls will be closing early next year, so please come and show your support for us, by voting us to win an X Award in 2020.


Introducing this month’s sale we have for you at The Ultimate Pleasure in November 2020. Christmas is getting close, and we are all aware that Santa knows who has been naughty or nice, but even he couldn’t resist being naughty himself this month, thanks to our sale. We thought perhaps if we are nice, by giving you some great discounts, then maybe you could be just that little bit naughty, so we have therefore discounted our entire bondage and fetish range for the month of November, with our Naughty November Sale. Whether you’re looking to be punished for being naughty, or if you’re just wanting to explore your kinky side, we have slashed our bondage and fetish range by up to 50% off RRP, and 20% off our marked prices. Whether you’re after a spanking, or just a little help wanking, hurry in and grab a bargain, because the sale is for a limited time only, and whilst stocks last. Don’t delay, get in and check out our Naughty November Sale specials at The Ultimate Pleasure in November 2020, and make your month just that little bit more exciting.


A big welcome to all our new members/subscribers to The Ultimate Pleasure family, if you have signed up throughout the month of October. Don’t forget to visit our Member’s Only page, a dedicated page with a list of ongoing discounted items, not available to the general public users of our site. With over 200 items at discounted prices, it’s our way of rewarding our valued members of The Ultimate Pleasure family. Don’t worry, membership is free. Simply subscribe to our monthly emails, and you instantly become a member, and can take advantage of some of these great discounted products. If you didn’t receive log in details and a password to the page when you subscribed, then look out for this month’s newsletter email, or send us a message, and we will provide you with the log in password to the page. Simply follow these instructions to view the discounts.

1.- visit

2.- click “log in” on the left hand menu

3.- type in your username and password

4.- visit

5.- type in the password we issue to you in the monthly newsletter, or you can message us to request it

6.- here you will view all the products we have for our members, at the normal prices

7.- see something you like, or maybe even a few things? Add them to your cart, and then click “view cart”, or proceed to checkout. It is here you will note the discount applied to your order

Discounts do not apply to items already on sale however, plus they are also whilst stocks last, so don’t miss your opportunity. Products will continue to be added regularly, so come back and visit the page each time you return to our site. 

It’s our way of saying a big “thank you” to those who join our team here at The Ultimate Pleasure. Don’t forget to always check your spam and junk folders, in the case your email provider has filtered our email into one of those folders, in error.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you here at The Ultimate Pleasure in November 2020, and in the future. Here at The Ultimate Pleasure, it’s always our pleasure to provide you with yours.