Here at überlube, we’re not just about lube, because we believe in focus and simplicity, not just in our products but also in how we do business.

Rather than modelling our approach on the restaurant that serves 50 mediocre food options, we are focused on doing one thing right, every time: producing the best personal lubricant on the market.

We began that quest back in 2002.

Our goal was to create a lightweight lubricant with long-lasting performance—one that doesn’t leave a sticky residue after the job is done.

In 2004, after hundreds of formula iterations and extensive market testing, we launched our product, with its pure, simple ingredients packaged in the überlube trademark clear glass bottle.

Today, we continue to batch, test, and bottle our products in our Chicago-area facility, with our own workers.

Currently, only three people know our special formula, and at least two of them make every small batch we produce.

Everyone at our company cares about our product, and it shows.

As loyal retailers and customers have gotten in touch over the years, we’ve heard appreciation for many of our products’ features and benefits, again and again:

Überlube feels lightweight but has a long-lasting performance without ever getting sticky or tacky.

When not in use, our lubricant gently dissipates, leaving your skin with a soft and moisturized feel.

Our brand has a long-standing record and many testimonies of being the lubricant of choice for those who have sensitivities to other product options.

We have chosen our ingredients to be as safe for the human body as possible.

Every batch of überlube is scrutinized and tested for quality and safety.

Our formula naturally does not harbour yeast, bacteria, or mould, it needs no preservatives, alcohols, or antimicrobials to accomplish this.

As a result, our lubricants are not known to have any harmful effects on the body’s natural, healthy bacteria.

Of course, we must mention that anyone with a known silicone allergy or any adverse reaction to our products should discontinue use.

Ultimately, when you use our products, you are using something that’s all about helping you feel and be your best, whether you are enjoying a romp with your partner, hitting mile 19 of your marathon, or putting on the finishing touches for an evening out.

Simply put, überlube’s first job is to make you feel amazing.

That’s why we say “feeling is everything”, and why we expect you’ll agree after trying our product.




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