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FirmTech focuses on developing products that encourage fun, enjoyable sex for men of all ages, while empowering them to better understand their health and the impact of medications, supplements, personal habits, vices and exercise on their sexual wellness.

They want to give you the data to make the best decisions for your sex health.

The number of nocturnal erections a man has during REM sleep is predictive of vascular health, but without FirmTech, how would you know how many erections you have while sleeping, how hard you get, or the strength of your orgasms?

Their products not only enhance your sexual experiences, but give you a deeper understanding of your body so you can maintain erectile fitness and track your vascular health.

Elliot Justin, M.D., FACEP, is an Emergency Medicine Specialist and enthusiastic cock ring user for more than 10 years.

In his extensive career as a medical professional, he’s seen inadequate resources dedicated to evaluating men’s sexual health issues.

He believes that before there’s erectile dysfunction, there’s erectile fitness.

His interest in regenerative medicine and his passion for regular playful lovemaking and its health benefits inspired him to start FirmTech Inc., which became the world’s first smart male underwearables company.


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