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Hi, I am Step (they/she/he), the creator of Cute Little Fuckers!

I made all of these fantastic little creatures in an effort to make sex toys more personal, approachable, and gender inclusive.

Since their inception they’ve stolen the hearts of thousands of people; I hope you love them too!

If I could be real for a second, for me Cute Little Fuckers has been a challenging journey full of awe and gratitude.

In 2018 I started suffering from an intense neurological disease which forced me to leave my previous career behind me, probably forever.

Unsure of my future, I decided to take a risk and start a business based on the things I love (sex & weird monsters), on my values (inclusivity & play), and the hope that maybe I could find a way to support myself while disabled.

In 2019 Cute Little Fuckers became the first adult toy on Kickstarter in 7 years, hitting our goal in the first day and raising 3x our goal throughout the campaign.

Since then we’ve been featured in numerous major publications including TechCrunch and Out Magazine.

And now our adorable alien invasion has spread into stores and homes across the world.

I feel gratitude for this and every single person in my community who helped along the way every single day.

Cute Little Fuckers was built on community.

We are a community.

And I want to invite you to be a part of it.

Join us on social media (TwitterInstagramFacebook), through our Patreon, our comics, our podcast, and of course our toys.

Thanks so much for supporting & participating however you can.

We are very grateful for you!


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Breast Stimulation

Starsi by Cute Little Fuckers


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or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $24.99 with Laybuy