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The Autoblow is the #1 best selling automatic pleasure device for men, worldwide.

With a focus on technology, the Autoblow team actively addresses the needs of their customers by continually innovating to make using their devices feel as realistic as possible.

All Autoblow models feature powerful motors, interchangeable easy to clean sleeves, and kitchen-appliance level build quality to ensure long lasting enjoyment.

Combined, the Autoblow 2 and AI models are owned by more than 400,000 men across the world including thousands in Australia!

Men who consume media online know about these unique products due to their strong coverage on news websites, appearance on popular tv shows, persistent presence on adult video websites, and through Youtube influencers.

Hundreds and thousands of Autoblows have been whisked off their online shelves since the device’s second iteration, aptly called the Autoblow 2, was crowdfunded into existence in 2014 by founder Brian Sloan.

The first blow-job machine Sloan sold, known simply as the Autoblow, was actually a stroker called the World Master 2000 that was already being made in a factory in China.

Sloan discovered the device in 2008, ordered shipments of it and set up a website dedicated exclusively to selling it.

Unlike its best-selling successors, though, the original Autoblow was prone to faults, such as breaking down regularly, and a weak motor that couldn't generate enough power to stroke bigger or curved penises.

Sloan envisioned something far more sophisticated and efficient, and he was determined to remodel it, as he believed it could be a game-changer for male masturbation, and that's exactly what he did.

The Autoblow 2 took three years to develop.

In 2012, Sloan met someone at an adult toy event in Las Vegas who owned a factory in China, and the two formed a partnership that even to this day, that same Chinese factory manufactures every Autoblow product.


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